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You'll talk to 20 years of real-world experience in information technology

"We think binary while speaking your language, we attack problems by delivering solutions and we love to answer questions" - thu

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As the Greek philosopher Isosceles used to say: "There are 3 sides to every triangle". Our customers are our partners and we are a partner for our customers, resulting in a good connection. We work fair on all levels as trust is key in every situation. We welcome you on board.


Cloud with Love

Since 2001 is delivering quality hosting and coding services. We are more than space for your website. You can take profit from high availability and excellent support. It is your choice: We are a reliable partner to create/host your complex eCommerce solution or, of course, we also cover your lower needs.


IT Infrastructure

Our experts consult your business to get the full potential of your equipement. Service, Server, Storage and Security: In other words, get your infrastructure out of one hand. We cover your backend and provide solutions and applications via modern management technologies to your workplaces and endusers.


Premium-class Support

We know what kind of support you have missed and offer flat hierarchies to make your life a bit easier. You reach educated technicians at your first contact - we offer extened 24/7 business support for all critical needs. We find the best support-options for your requirement, talk to us.


Security Solutions

Security is not a buzzword for us. Real solutions and real protection of your investement is your key to success. A wide range of topics are essential to be able to sleep well at night. From audits over clouds and certificates to firewalls and zombie-processes.


Innovative Technologies

You can take profit from twenty years of real-world IT experience: Straight forward, flexible and innovative solutions with low maintenance cost are your and our key to success. We stay educated on the latest technologies and keep your business aligned with the latest technologies.

Expertise and Products

Building a firewall? Why does the world need another firewall?

Let there be light - of course! We never was happy with firewalls of the big vendors, there was always something that annoyed us: The GUI was not intuitive, the functionalities was limited, licensing fees was required every year or even the price was to high. The idea was born to build our own box with all the things we always have missed.

The thuWall 2.0-4 was released and features a endless list of possiblities and functionalities. With 3,9 million concurrent connections (up to 7,9 million) the box targets home- and office users up to midsize businesses. We took care the box works fast and smooth when building VPN infrastructures between office branches over the internet (throughput ~153Mbps (AES-256)).

By supporting easy VPN access via Windows/Mac/Linux notebooks and the whole mobile world like Andriod/iPhone to your network, it covers perfectly the need of road warriors in your company. With tons of additional features the functionality can be expanded within minutes: For example add additional network interfaces to build additional network zones or get the 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN kit to turn your box into a WLAN accesspoint as well. In case this is not enough performance, have a look at our thuWall 2.0-16 for enterprise customers.
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